António Portugal is the new spokesperson for SATA

António Portugal will be, from tomorrow [December 22nd] the new spokesperson for SATA, along with his current position of Ground Handling Operations Manager.

António Portugal was admitted to SATA in 1977 and has since played several roles, including: Station Coordination Supervisor and Directorate General of Ground Operations. In the present, he still accumulates functions of Ponta Delgada’s Station Manager and General Operations Coordinator with the post of Manager of Ground Handling Operations, to which he was appointed in 2008.

As part of his career, he also took other complementary responsibilities as auditor and trainer of the Training and Security departments, being able to do so with the respective IATA and ANAC qualifications. He is also responsible for training SATA’s Handling Management.

António Portugal holds a Bachelor in Business Management from ISCTE and also attended various relevant trainings, including: "Airline Management IATA", "Airline Security Operations INAC", "Quality Airline Operator, AIRSTAFF ASSOCIATES", "JAR-OPS Auditor, TAP PORTUGAL", "Professional Skills for Instructors, IATA”, " Air Transport Operations Management, Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto", "Airline Auditor, ABSANT CONSULT" and "Crisis Communication, KENION".