Airbus A330 delivery to SATA

Following the Airbus A330 delivery process for the new SATA fleet, the Board of Directors of the SATA Group would like to inform that the security and compliance checks and interventions necessary to integrate the air operator’s certificate in accordance with the requirements of the aviation authorities are in its final stages and the aircraft shall be delivered to SATA in the coming days.

SATA also makes clear that, opposing to what was proclaimed by the media, any presentation of the aircraft on January 15th 2016 has been announced or planned.  

The Board of Directors recaps its strive to reunite the material and human conditions necessary to perform SATA’s business plan, both concerning the entry into operation of the new fleet, either in dialogue with the employees, particularly in the pursuit of common goals. In this sense, the new Chairman of the SATA Group initiated, from the beginning of his term, visits to various areas and has appointed meetings with several structures of the company to learn about the diverse working conditions and reality of the SATA Group.