Growth of 27% compared to last year



For the first time in its history, SATA Group's airlines have reached the milestone of two million passengers carried in a year. It is a historic moment for the airlines and represents a 27% increase in the number of passengers transported compared to the previous year.

SATA Group's airlines have experienced extraordinary post-pandemic growth. By 2022, they had already exceeded their pre-pandemic year performance in terms of transported passengers by 12.1%, well above that recorded in Europe (-26.4%) and the rest of the world (28.5%), according to the International Civil Aviation Organization.

A set of operational and commercial initiatives have contributed to the persistent increase in demand, such as the addition of flights and the diversity of destinations; the extension of virtual Interline agreements allowing air partners to include SATA Azores Airlines' flights to the Azores on their booking platforms; greater availability of the online offer (through its presence in global travel search engines); and, also, promotional actions developed in partnership with tour operators and travel agents.

Considering the constant increase in demand and revenues in relevant markets, SATA's airlines perspectives remain very positive.


About SATA Group Airlines|
The SATA Group comprises two airlines and an airport management company established in the Azores. Each company benefits from the experience, know-how, and knowledge developed over more than eighty years of activity in air transport. Established in 1941, under the name of "Sociedade Açoreana de Estudos Aéreos", later renamed "SATA - Sociedade Açoriana de Transporte Aéreo", SATA Air Açores continues to ensure air transportation between the nine islands of the Azores. Azores Airlines completes the mission of linking the Azores as much as possible to the rest of the word, flying from the Azores to Europe (France, Germany, Spain), North America (Boston, New York, Oakland), Canada (Toronto, Montreal), Portugal Mainland (Porto, Lisbon), Madeira Island, and Cabo Verde Archipelago.