How early should the passenger show up at the airport?

To ensure trouble-free check-in and on-time flights, we recommend that passengers with baggage arrive at the following times: 

Passengers with checked luggage Check-in time until Latest check-in
 Inter-island flights 1h30 min 30 min
Domestic flights Terminal 1 Lisbon 2h00 min 1h00 min
 Domestic and European Flights 1h30 min 45 min
 Intercontinental Flights 3h00 min 1h30 min
Passengers without checked luggage Without check-in With check-in
 Inter-island flights 40 min 20 min
Domestic flights Terminal 1 Lisbon 1h05 min   50 min
 Domestic and European Flights 50 min 30 min
 Intercontinental Flights 2h00 min 2h00 min

The times herewith defined should be observed in relation to the estimated time of departure of your flight.
Reservations may be cancelled to accommodate standby passengers in the event of late arrival at the luggage counter.

Did you Know:

  • At some airports, travel time between check-in counters and baggage sorting hall is about 40 minutes.
  • After the closing of check-in, technical and production, related procedures of documentation may take up to an average of 25 minutes before everything is ready for departure.
  • About 15% of delays on our flights, sometimes up to 30 minutes, are caused by passengers who arrive late at the airport.
  • At some airports the route between check-in and the boarding gate, with security procedures, may take longer than 40 minutes.

Recommended arrival times