1. General Terms and Definitions

1.1 - The SATA AGENT AWARD is the loyalty program of the SATA4AGENTS website, of SATA Azores Airlines, for the Travel Agents, which makes it possible to collect points and exchange them for award tickets under the terms set out in these regulations.
1.2 - “SATA Azores Airlines” comprehends the airlines SATA Air Açores and Azores Airlines.
1.3 - The “Organizing Companies” are SATA Air Açores and Azores Airlines.
1.4 - “Credit” are the points awarded for making trips on flights operated by Azores Airlines.
1.5 - “Balance” is the total points available for use in rewards.
1.6 - “Member” means a SATA Azores Airlines customer who has successfully completed the SATA AGENT AWARD membership process.
1.7 - “Awards” means tickets issued with points.
1.8 - The General Terms and Conditions set out herein establish the Regulations of the SATA4AGENTS/ SATA AGENT AWARD and may be subject to change. The updated version of the General Terms and Conditions can be found at and may be sent by email.
1.9 - The General Terms and Conditions of the SATA4AGENTS/ SATA AGENT AWARD are also published in English. However, for interpretation purposes, only the Portuguese version is binding.
1.10 - The Organizing Companies may amend the Rules of the SATA4AGENTS / SATA AGENT AWARD at any time and without notice. Any new rules and/or changes to those currently in force shall become binding for all Members as soon as they are made available online.

2. Subscription

2.1 - Joining the SATA4AGENTS/ SATA AGENT AWARD establishes the beginning of a contractual relationship with the Organizing Companies, ruled by these General Terms and Conditions, which define the rights and obligations related to SATA4AGENTS / SATA AGENT AWARD membership.
2.2 - All IATA and Non-IATA Travel Agents in markets where SATA Azores Airlines is a BSP Member may join SATA4AGENTS. All IATA and non-IATA agents with GDS may join the SATA AGENT AWARD.
2.3 - Agents wishing to join the SATA4AGENTS / SATA AGENT AWARD must conveniently fill out the digital form at, accepting the Regulations and other operation rules.
2.4 - The Organizing Companies reserve the right to decide on the admission of SATA4AGENTS/SATA AGENT AWARD Members.
2.5 - When registering at, Agents will have to choose their username (an alphanumeric set between 4 and 10 characters). This username will also be the PIN to be placed in the bookings for identification of the Agent.
2.6 - Whenever the Agent makes a booking, an OSI must be placed (entry corresponding to the GDS in which the Agent works) and put in free text PINS4user.
2.7 - The Organizing Companies may exclude a Member from the SATA4AGENTS/ SATA AGENT AWARD if the Member:
2.7.1 - Fails to comply with the present Regulation;
2.7.2 - Provides false statements;
2.7.3 - Attempts to obtain benefits and prizes by presenting false, improper, or abusive information;
2.7.4 - Behaves disorderly on board or on the premises of one of the Organizing Companies or Associated Companies, as well as insults, defames, or treats rudely any worker or employee of the same, by any form or means of communication;
2.7.5 - Membership will automatically be forfeited if the activity of the SATA4AGENTS/ SATA AGENT AWARD is terminated;
2.7.6 - Fails to comply with the clauses of the transport contract it grants with any SATA Azores Airlines airline;
2.8 - Members who wish to unsubscribe from the SATA4AGENTS/ SATA AGENT AWARD shall submit their request in writing, taking effect from the date the Organizing Companies receive such communication.
2.9 - Termination of Membership results in cancellation of all points acquired up to that date.

3. Awards

3.1 - The awards offered under the SATA4AGENTS/ SATA AGENT AWARD consist, among others which are or will be defined by the Organizing Companies, in award tickets, valid for travel on routes of SATA Air Açores and Azores Airlines' regular operation.
3.2 - Access to all awards bestowed by the SATA4AGENTS/ SATA AGENT AWARD will only be granted at and provided that the Agent is duly registered.
3.3 - In addition to these awards, other prizes may be offered, for limited periods, which will be announced on the site and/or in other media.
3.4 - Payment of airport, fuel, and other fees is the Member's responsibility.
3.5 - The awards offered and the number of points required to win them is available to SATA4AGENTS/ SATA AGENT AWARD Members on the award calculator at
3.6 - The awards and their respective points may be changed at any time, and without previous notice, by the Organizing Companies, which will disclose them as provided in 3.5.
3.7 - The award tickets are booked and issued at
3.8 - Upgrades with points are not allowed.
3.9 - Changes to bookings made after the award ticket is issued are subject to an administrative fee. The exception applies to no-shows on the previously booked flight, which implies the payment of a no-show fee. These values can be found in the table below. This facility does not allow for a change of fare class and route.
3.10 - The award and points refund for domestic and international flights is possible with an administrative fee, which is only not applied if the refund is made within 24 hours after issuance/payment and as long as the ticket has not been used. In case of a no-show on the booked flight, a no-show fee will be applied. The values can be found in the table below.
3.11 - The availability of seats for award tickets changes depending on the origin/destination pair, flight's date and time. The number of seats for award tickets is limited, even on flights that are not yet full. The Organizing Companies may also set other limitations, such as flight and/or blackout periods.
3.12 –The award calculator stated in 3.5 indicates the points required, based on direct flights (routes with the same flight number are considered for this purpose) to exchange economy and business class award tickets.
3.13 - Award tickets are valid for one year from the date of issue or the date of the beginning of travel if the travel takes place within one year of issue.
3.14 - Award tickets issued under a promotion are only valid for the promotion's duration.
3.15 - While the Organizing Companies themselves provide services awarded as prizes under the SATA4AGENTS/ SATA AGENT AWARD, Members who benefit from them shall have the same rights and duties (as defined by the General Conditions for the Carriage of Passengers and Baggage) as all other passengers of the Organizing Companies. 3.16 - Except in cases expressly provided for in these regulations, award tickets may only be used by SATA4AGENTS/ SATA AGENT AWARD Members who are entitled to them.
3.17 - The awards granted are personal and non-transferable.
3.18 - As far as the fare component of the award tickets is concerned, they are issued exclusively against the debit of points in a Member's account. It is not possible to combine them with any other means of payment, except in the case of a promotion that may be launched for a limited period by the organizing companies.

4. Counting Points

4.1 – Points are the currency unit of the SATA4AGENTS/ SATA AGENT AWARD.
4.2 - Each Member will have a personal, non-transferable SATA4AGENTS/ SATA AGENT AWARD account, in which the points collected will be credited.
4.3 - The points cannot be exchanged for their cash equivalent.
4.4 - Points are collected in the following ways:
4.4.1 - For each segment flown on a regular Azores Airlines flight, the member's account will be credited with the number of points corresponding to the booked trip, according to the Points Calculator, available here, as long as an OSI (entry corresponding to his/her GDS) is entered and in free text - PINS4user.
4.4.2 – Points can only be collected on S4 flights operated S4, except for the Madeira route (S4 flights operated SP).
4.4.3 - The points are only credited after the tickets are flown and may be consulted in My points. (Please note that in certain situations, i.e., tickets involving other airlines, the start of a trip outside Portugal, among others, the crediting of points may take longer).
4.4.4 - Members who book travel in the Comfort service class (business class) will be awarded points corresponding to 50% more than the points calculator.
4.4.5 - Members who book travel on certain fares on a restrictive and promotional basis will be awarded a lower percentage of points as provided in the points calculator.
4.4.6 - The Organizing Companies may carry out promotional activities that imply temporary increases or reductions of the points provided, as well as its offer.
4.4.7 – Charter flights are not eligible for points credit.
4.5 - The Organizing Companies may, in compliance with the rules of these Regulations, offer promotions to a limited group of Members only. The Members not covered by the promotions in question may not contest these benefits, and the Organizing Companies are not obligated to disclose the criteria for selecting the covered group.
4.6 - Promotions may be publicized and/or communicated to Members via e-mail, SMS, and/or the website
4.7 - Members must enter their PIN when booking to ensure that points are credited correctly to their account.
4.8 - Organizing Companies are not responsible for any consequences of the non-crediting of points to a Member's account, and there is no chance of subsequent accounting.
4.9 – Member's points are valid for life.
4.10 - Points cannot be combined with those of other Members to obtain a single award.
4.11 - Members should log into their account at to view their activities.

5. Miscellaneous

5.1 - The Organizing Companies are not responsible for any fees or other charges that Members may be subject to regarding the awards obtained.
5.2 - By requesting membership of the SATA4AGENTS/ SATA AGENT AWARD, Members expressly authorize SATA Air Açores and Azores Airlines to use the data stored in the system exclusively for services customization, marketing, and communication. These data shall be treated confidentially and shall not be transferred to third parties, except for other companies that may become part of the Organizing Companies. All Members have access to their personal data and can update them through their account at or through the email
5.3 - A Member who violates these rules and other rules of operation, misuses awards or attempts to obtain benefits by submitting false statements may have the account canceled, in addition to compensation for damages resulting from these actions.
5.4 - Awards obtained illegally or in violation of these Rules will be void.
5.5 - The Organizing Companies reserve the right to, at any time, change all or part of these Regulations as well as terminate the SATA4AGENTS/ SATA AGENT AWARD without previous notice.
5.6 - Any changes or additions to these Rules will be binding for all Members from the date posted on
5.7 - SATA Air Açores and Azores Airlines reserve the right to entrust the management of the SATA4AGENTS/ SATA AGENT AWARD to successor companies (in the event of corporate restructuring of their organizations) or third parties and to transfer contracts with Members to said successor companies or third parties for this purpose. Members shall be informed in advance.
5.8 - The changes mentioned in 5.6 do not require previous notice to the SATA AGENT AWARD Program members.



Award tickets change Before the time of the originally scheduled flight €30 
Noshow  €70
Award tickets refund (Domestic and European flights) Before the time of the originally scheduled flight €30
Noshow €95
Award tickets refund (International) Before the time of the originally scheduled flight €50
 Noshow €120


Award tickets - Service fee
  Interisland Domestic Europe North America
Per ticket EUR16/USD16/CAD16 EUR25/USD25/CAD25 EUR100/USD100/CAD100 EUR150/USD150/CAD150

The ticket service fee (XP) is non-refundable.
Refunds are not permitted after the beginning of the trip.
In situations of involuntary downgrades, the Member's account will be credited with the points corresponding to the difference between classes.
Members of the SATA AGENTS AWARD may request, if desired, additional services after award tickets have been issued.