Group Procedures

Group Agreement

Clause 1 - Object

1.1 This contract sets forth special transport conditions, specific fares, change and cancellation rules applicable for group travel, as well as the membership and sales conditions applicable to IATA and NON-IATA travel agents and Direct Clients.

Clause 2 - Membership conditions

2.1 These conditions may only apply to groups in accordance with the definitions of these terms and conditions.

2.2 These special conditions are not available to the public.

2.3 The terms of this agreement are valid for a minimum of 10 passengers. Failure to comply with this condition will have a penalty corresponding to the difference until reaching this total. This condition does not apply to federated sports groups, depending on the sports, and to IT groups (LGV8L1 and LGV8L2), with a minimum of 8 passengers.

Clause 3 - Contracted service

3.1 Upon request for a group trip, SATA will verify the availability and price for the required air transport.

3.2 The contracted service will appear in a Table to be sent with the specific booking data, which includes flight number, departure date, number of passengers, itinerary, fare code, fare value, fees (not included in travel agents’ prices) and group identification.

3.3 In the case of IATA Agents, after accepting the price, access to the booking will be given through a claim, so they must immediately proceed to the booking claim. The agent will be held responsible for any changes and information in the booking.

Clause 4 – General conditions:

4.1 In everything not foreseen and specified in these special conditions, the General Conditions of Transport available at here and the applicable legislation will be applied.

4.2 Flights operated by other airlines are subject to their validation and acceptance, regarding availability and applied fare.

4.3 Deposit payment: Considering the equal treatment of IATA Agents and NON-IATA Agents and Direct Clients, the access to these conditions requires the payment of a deposit by non-IATA agents and direct clients.
    4.3.1 Non-IATA Agents (with RNAVT - National Register of the Travel and Tourism Agency, or equivalent outside Portugal) are exempt from the deposit, but must have paid 50% of the fee by the deadline for the 100% Cancellation period, without penalty, under the terms of the table identified in 5.2.
    4.3.2 Direct Clients must pay 15% of the deposit, within 10 consecutive days, after accepting the price, and 35% until the deadline for cancellations, without penalty. This amount is refundable if the cancellation is made by the deadline allowed in the 100% Cancellation without penalty field, under the terms of the table identified in 5.2.

4.4 Baggage Transportation: each passenger is allowed 1 (one) piece of luggage, up to 23 kg. If this weight limit per volume is exceeded, a heavy bag fee will be charged, in accordance with the general conditions.

Conditions Intercontinental Europe Domestic Interisland Extra Flights Sport teams
Baggage 1PC up to 23kg 1PC up to 23kg 23kg 23kg 1PC up to 23kg 23kg

4.5. Equipment Transportation: If there is a need to transport sports equipment, musical instruments or others, groups will have to inform, when requesting a price, the type of equipment, quantities, volume and weight. Confirmation of the group and respective baggage is subject to flight availability at the time of assignment.
Upon acceptance of this agreement, the information on the baggage to be transported must be included in the booking up to 15 days before departure. The rules applicable to sports equipment are defined in the general conditions of transport available here.

Clause 5 - Ticketing, changes and cancellations

5.1 Tickets purchased under this contract will be issued using the following codes:
Endorsements Field - not mandatory, except for Resident fares. (RD).

5.2 The following conditions apply to changes and cancellations:

Conditions Europe Domestic Flights Inter-Islands Flights Extra flights Sports teams 
Cancellation of 100% without penalty High Season - HS up to 60 days BD  up to 45 days BD up to 21 days BD up to 120 days BD up to 15 days BD
Low Season *See note -LS up 45 days BD   up to 35 days ----- ----- -----
Cancel 20% and remaining penalized 50% High Season - HS from 59 to 21 days BD from 44 to 21 days BD ----- c) -----
Low Season *See note - LS from 44 to 21 days BD from 34 to 21 days BD  ----- ----- -----
Cancel 10% and remaining penalized 100% ----- from 20 days to 4 days BD from 20 days to 4 days BD from 20 days to 4 days BD ----- from 14 days to 24h BD
Cancellations penalized at 100% ----- within 72h BD within 72h BD within 72h BD within 90 days BD -----
Name a) ----- 21 days BD/TA
21 days BD/VD
08 days BD/TA
15 days BD/VD
08 days BD/TA
15 days BD/VD
08 days BD/TA
15 days BD/VD
08 days BD/TA +b)
15 days BD/VD +b)
Essuance a) ----- 8 days BD/TA
15 days BD/VD
8 days BD/TA
15 days BD/VD
8 days BD/TA
15 days BD/VD
8 days BD/TA
15 days BD/VD
24 hours/TA +g)
Changes/Noshow ----- 50€/130€ 50€/75€ 25€/50€ Not permitted d)
Change Name ou Change Person ----- Free Free Free Free Free
Intercontinental flights
Cancellation of 100% without penalty up to 90 days BD
Cancel 40% and remaining penalized at 50% from 89 to 60 days BD
Cancel 30% and remaining penalized at 50% from 59 to 45 days BD
Cancellations penalized at 100% within 44 days BD
Names a) 30 days BD
Ticketing 21 days BD
Changes/ Noshow 100€/150€
Change Name or Change Person Free

    a) The interline company rule applies, in case it is more restrictive than SATA’s rule;
    b) It is mandatory to insert an SSR with the match day and teams. In the case of tournaments with qualifiers (as the Portugal Cup) the qualifiers and the tournament must be indicated as well;
    c) from 119 to 90 days, a penalty of 50% of the applied fare will be employed.
    d) After ticketing, the change penalty applies for the whole group, depending on the route. Individual changes are not allowed.
    e) IATA agencies must issue up to 24h DB, except for weekends, which should take place on Fridays until 5pm in the Azores. In direct sales, ticketing must take place 8d B.D.

5.3 Changes:
    5.3.1 Changes are only accepted before the date of ticketing, as defined in the clauses below.
    5.3.2 All changes to the original booking must be submitted for analysis by the groups department and will be subject to flight availability and agreed fares.
    5.3.3 Splits to the original booking are accepted to change only one of the flights agreed for the group. The number of passengers split for change may go up to 25% of the group's total. This rule does not apply to OW groups and sports groups.
    5.3.4 In the case of sports groups, changes to the sports calendar, within 15 days before the trip, are subject to a fee of €25 per passenger. The rescheduling of the new date must be done immediately. Exceptionally, SATA may allow the new date to be rescheduled within 15 days following the request for change. If this is not the case, the rules and penalties provided for cancellations, as shown in the table in 5.2, will apply.
    5.3.5 Individual changes in sports groups
       a) IATA Travel Agencies: Individual changes in sports group bookings are not allowed, so the passenger to be changed must be split, keeping in class G the flight in common with the rest of the group. For the segment to be changed, an individual booking must be made in the available class. If the change takes place after ticketing, it will be allowed to keep the flight in common with the rest of the group in class G. The issued ticket must be refunded directly in GDS, against reissue in OW. Information on the refunded ticket number must be sent to SATA by the end of the month in which the change took place, as well as the new issue. If the delivery does not take place until the end of the month, an ADM will be issued later.
        b) Non-IATA Agencies/ Direct Clients: Individual changes to sports group bookings are not allowed. However, they can keep one of the routes in common with the rest of the team, and the route that is not in common must be purchased in another sales channel.
    5.3.6. Change of passengers belonging to the group (change names):
       a) IATA Travel Agencies: Changes to passengers who are part of the group: Changes to passengers in group bookings are allowed without penalty, as long as they update their name in GDS. Taking place before ticketing, it will not require authorization from the Groups Department. After ticketing, the ticket with the incorrect name must be refunded in full, directly to GDS. It is not necessary to request the change name through SSR. Subsequently, the name must be changed, and the ticket issued again. The refunded ticket number must be sent to by the end of the refund month, as well as the new issue. Failure to send this information originates ADM.
       b) Non-IATA Travel Agencies/ Direct Clients: Change of passengers belonging to the group: Changes of passengers in group bookings are allowed. Just inform the Groups Department which name to replace.

5.4 Penalties:
    a) To IATA Agents: penalties will be regularized by an ADM/Debit Note to be issued by SATA, at the end of the group, after the trip, with a fixed cost of €10 (ten euros).
    b) Non-IATA Agents/Direct Clients: penalties will be regularized when the group is issued or canceled.

5.5 Frees:
    a) IATA Agents: Frees will be settled by an ACM/Credit Note to be issued by SATA, at the close of the group, after the trip. b) Non-IATA Agents/ Direct Clients: The free amount will be deducted from the total amount payable when the group is issued.

5.6 Force majeure: The penalties mentioned above do not apply in case changes and cancellations are due to unpredictable circumstances beyond the control of either party, such as war, natural disasters or fires, epidemics or similar circumstances. In one of these circumstances, the groups must inform about the change and cancellation, within a maximum period of 15 days after the occurrence, with a refund within 30 days of the total purchase price of the ticket, for the part or parts of the trip not carried out.

5.7 Covid-19: In any group, whenever there is a need to reduce a passenger, within 72 hours before the trip, due to a positive result to Covid-19, SATA will exempt the penalty and allow the refund of the issued ticket. To prove the reduction, an email from the health authority must be sent to SATA, making it impossible for the passenger to travel.
Sport Teams using sports fares: If it is impossible to play the game on the scheduled date, due to a positive case in the teams, SATA authorizes the rescheduling to new dates without any change penalties. Fares and fees are subject to update. In case of trip cancellation, the contractual conditions will apply.

Clause 6 – Fare and fees

6.1 The amounts mentioned in the table sent with the specific booking data, in the terms of.3.1, correspond to the base fare and YQ fee.

6.2 If the contracted flight is operated by another airline, the fare may be higher and will only be confirmed by the respective airline when the booking is made.

6.3 Groups will be entitled to 1 free on the fare, for every 30 passengers travelled, except for sports groups and IT groups (LGV8L1 and LGV8L2) that do not enjoy this benefit. Taxes and YQ fee are not included.

6.4 The following discounts will be applied to the fares:
    a) 90% “infant”, on any destination, except sports groups;
    b) 25% for “child”, on Europe, domestic flights, interisland, extra flights and sports teams. In the case of sports teams, the discount only applies on SATA Air Açores flights.
    c) 20% for “child”, on intercontinental flights;
    e) In the case of resident passengers, the discount for children from 24 (twenty-four) months to 11 (eleven) years old - "child"- is 45% and for children from 0(zero) to 23 (twenty-three) months – infant - 80%.

Conditions Intercontinental Europe Domestic Interisland Extra Flights Sport teams Resident passengers
Child Discounts CHD 20%/ INF 90% CHD 25%/ INF 90% CHD 25%/ INF 90% CHD 25%/ INF 90% CHD 25%/ INF 90% CHD 25% (SP only) CHD 45%/ INF 80%

    6.4.1 In situations of public fares of other airlines, the respective regulations for applying CHD/INF discounts must be respected.

6.5 The fees and surcharges applicable on the date of ticketing will be based on the contracted route, in class Y, except for the YQ fee, which will be informed and accepted when sending the table with the booking data.

6.6 Amounts are subject to possible changes in the exchange rate.

Clause 7 - Non-compliance and Penalties:

7.1 If the group transfers bookings to another IATA or NON-IATA Agency, or Direct Sales, SATA reserves the right to immediately and unilaterally cease this agreement.

7.2 In case of cancellations, delays, flight rescheduling and schedule changes by the airline, SATA may not make any refund, assistance or indemnity payment, namely under the terms provided for in Regulation (EU) 261/2004, since the fares here established are special and not available to the public.

7.3 The groups under this contract declare to know and hold to the provisions of this contract, without reservations, without any compensation, refund or assistance that may be applicable.



For the purposes of this contract, it is understood as follows:
ACM Agent Credit Memo - is the legitimate accounting tool used by airlines to credit adjustments made through Digital Technical Systems (e.g. BSP and ARC) to IATA Agents;
ADM Agent Debit Memo - is the legitimate accounting tool used by airlines to debit adjustments made through Digital Technical Systems (e.g. BSP and ARC) to IATA Agents;
AV: Travel Agencies;
IATA Agents: Travel agent with IATA accreditation;
Non-IATA Agents: Travel agent without IATA accreditation;
BD: before departure;
CHD (Child): children from 24 (twenty-four) months to 11 (eleven) years old;
Direct client: who is not a travel agent, a customer who buys directly from SATA;
Class G: booking class for Groups;
Claim: is the method that allows access to a booking made directly in the airline's GDS office;
Endorsements: Field that is part of the ticket, where observations and documentation are introduced, which is not always mandatory to fill out. Its completion is mandatory for residents of the RAA and RAM.
Price: price given to the trip;
Free: free of charge, for meeting the minimum number of passengers flown;
Groups: Booking with = > 10 passengers traveling on the same dates and flights;
Sports group: Group traveling to a federated sporting event;
Global Distribution Solution (GDS) global distribution system;
OW groups: Groups that travel in one direction only;
HS (high season): High season;
INF (Infant): from 0 (zero) to 23 (twenty-three) months;
LS (low season): low season.
LGV8L1 e LGV8L2: IT fare (including tour) that has other added services, such as hotel and rent-a-car. Available at travel agencies;
Splits: splits to the initial booking;
Segment: part of the trip;
One way (OW): one-way trip;
YQ fee: fuel fee;
Special Service Request (SSR): indication of request for special services to the airline.