Involuntary changes/cancellations

General rules (Involuntary changes/cancellations):

SATA does not allow the agents to update or refund tickets with restrictive fares on their GDS, based on involuntary changes/cancellations:

1 – You cannot act directly. You must always contact us regarding any involuntary schedule changes/refunds and ask us for instructions via email.

2 – You may send us the booking reference/ticket numbers, saying what does the passengers want, rebook, or refund, and we will analyze and provide you information and instructions according to each situation. In case of reissue/revalidation needed, if authorized, we do it with no costs and send you the tickets.

3 – In case of SATA canceled flights, you may only offer SATA flights, and only if the passengers have booked/purchased codeshare and/or interline flights, it is allowed to rebook codeshare/interline flights.

4 – For bookings/tickets not affected by cancellations (UN status), or with schedule changes (TK status), with more than 5 hours, if passengers wish to change or refund, those must be done according to the fare rules applied on the tickets.

Note: For all scenarios, above and below, the travel agents must always email us with the intended request (for involuntary changes/refund).

Tickets involuntary refund/rebooking request with UN and/or UN/TK:

— You must email us with a refund request, so we can provide you an authorization for you to first cancel the PNR, avoiding no-show, and request the ticket refund through BSPlink within tickets validity, informing, on the Reason for Refund, of each RA Application that you do it, due to the UN received on the PNR, with our email attached.

— The same booking class will be required or, if not available, you may rebook to a higher available RBD in the same cabin with our instructions, and we will proceed with the tickets reissue/revalidation with no costs (always before the original flight departure/date to avoid no-show).

Rebooking/refund request with UN/TK – NO-SHOW:

— If you haven't taken any action on the booking, before the flight's departure date, passengers will be a no-show;
— For no-show passengers, within tickets validity, any refund request may only be made according to the fare rules for a no-show through your GDS:
— In case of rebooking, you must apply all penalties according to fare rules for no-show of each ticket, and you may reissue the tickets on your GDS after charging the passengers.

Flight schedule changes policy, TK only, with same flight number, of more than 5 hours:

— Total refund of the ticket is allowed (part or parts of the trip not flown and already flown, if the flight is no longer justified);
— Rerouting/change to another flight is not allowed (except in case of loss of other flight connection under the same transport contract).
TK with less than 5 hours difference, without any missed connection, rebooking, or refund is not allowed.

Tickets expired (non-refundable):

— We do not have any specific policy or exceptions for tickets that have expired and therefore are not valid for a refund according to IATA rules (tickets are valid for 1 year, after it is issued, to rebook/cancel). The travel agency must act on them (by rebooking or requesting a refund) before the expiration date.