Name Correction


SATA allows name correction, on flights operated by S4 and/or SP*, when dealing with the same passenger, in bookings with or without tickets issued and without the need for prior authorization, in the following situations:

* If it involves flights from other companies, you should contact the Agents Help Desk through the e-mail

Individual bookings:
  • If the flight/class shows availability, all corrections are possible;
  • If the flight/class is full or on a waiting list, it is possible:
a) Correct the first name and title without restrictions;
b) Correct up to three characters in the family name (regardless of order) in a single transaction.

If it is necessary to make a name correction that does not comply with the above rules, authorization must be requested from the operating company in the booking through SSR (Special Service Request). The text to be included should be, for example, PLS AUTH CHNT PAX SILVA/RUIMR TO TAVARES/RUIMR. The acronym CHNT must be included in the free text so that it can be queued and analyzed. If necessary, the SSR of CHNT must be followed by another one justifying the request.

If a name correction is made that does not comply with the above rules, the booking will be cancelled. It is an airlines' right as described in the AIRIMP.

According to the new RGPD regulation, if proof of passenger documentation is requested, it should be sent to the helpdesk.
Proof of name change can be done as follows:

 1. Through a self-declaration, duly authenticated, (signature certified), according to the following draft:

"It is hereby declared, for the purpose of changing the booking/airline ticket, that my name has changed from xxxx to yyyy."
The person’s signature, recognized by a competent authority.

 2. Through a photocopy of the passenger's documents, provided it is duly signed by the passenger and contains the information below:
"I consent to the transmission of my personal data to the airline for the purpose of booking name correction!".


If the request for name correction is allowed on a ticketed booking, the procedure will be:

  • In Galileo, you must correct the name in the same booking and issue a new ticket with the same flights and dates as the initial booking;*
  • In Amadeus, you must make a new booking and issue a new ticket with the same flights and dates as the initial booking.*

* If you cannot get the same fare, you must contact the Agents Help Desk; fare downgrades are not allowed, nor campaigns whose issue and/or booking deadline has already expired.



If the ticket issued with the incorrect name has a restricted fare, you must request a refund, before the travel date, via BSP Link, informing the new ticket number. In these cases, an administrative fee of €25 is applied.

If the ticket issued with the incorrect name does not have a restricted fare, you must apply for a refund, in the GDS, before the travel date, free of charge.

Confirm the passenger's name from his or her ID card/Citizen Card or passport to avoid name corrections.