1 – General Information
A Ticket is valid for refund within validity of the ticket.
  - One year, counting from date of issue, in case passenger has not yet started his/her journey;
  - In case passenger has already started his/her journey, ticket will be valid from one year from date passenger started his/her journey.

Important Notes:

  • Changing form of payment of original ticket is not allowed.
  • When processing refund, agent must take into consideration fare rules that apply to date of issue of the ticket, as well as tickets status.


2 - Direct refunds (via GDS)
All tickets and EMD (fare / fees) are refunded directly in the system, in whole or in part, within ticket validity.
  2.1- Tickets complying with fare rules, but there is a need to justify the reimbursement, attaching necessary documents, for this purpose:
The documents must be sent to the GSA, whom will grant a Waiver code, so you may process with the refund directly in your GDS.

 2.2- Tickets that have undergone involuntary change that allows a refund (total/partial):
You should contact the GSA to request a waiver code, in order to refund directly in your GDS.

 2.3- Other exceptions such as Commercial authorizations, refunds are authorized against administrative fee of 35USD in the following cases:
     - Tickets issued in duplicate, by the same agency, as long as new ticket is booked on same flights with equal or superior fare.
    - Visa refusal, as long as passenger is not no-show and duly justified;
    - Ticket incorrectly issued as an adult/child or infant, by presenting a new ticket.

Note: You should contact the GSA to request a waiver code, in order to refund directly in your GDS.


3 - Indirect refunds (processed via ACM)
   3.1 – All other refunds that are not possible to refund directly in your GDS.
You should contact GSA for the respective issuance of the ACM.
Refunds via ACM are subject to an administrative fee of 35USD.


4 - Other Information
Refunds of reissues made by SATA, against Travel Agents original issued ticket
  • MCO
If the original ticket is a SATA ticket (331/737), this MCO is only valid for refund, therefore you should contact GSA for necessary support, and send the original MCO by mail to the following address.
After the reception of this document an ACM will be in issued on behalf of issuing IATA.

SATA - GSA Support Team
Rua Dr. José Bruno Tavares Carreiro, nº 6, 7º Piso
9500 - 019, Ponta Delgada
Açores- Portugal

  • Ticket or EMD
If the original ticket is a SATA plate issue (331/737), you should send an email to the GSA requesting a refund, and an ACM will be issued on behalf of the issuing IATA.

Note: Documents originated form a third airline, should also be sent to above mentioned address and email.