SALES OFFICESCSCWEBCharged per passenger and on the original issuance with code XP or YR (in case of AD issues);

Inter-Islands travel€6€6€6
Domestic travel€20€20€6
Intra-European travel*€30€30€15
Intercontinental travel**€40€40€20
North America travel$20 - Cash payment
$35 - Other forms of payment
Not ApplicableNot Applicable
Other Routes€22€20Not Applicable


• ADs pay a fee of €4 per ticket, regardless of the discount level, facility type, or route.
• Involuntary changes, in case of withdrawal from the trip, the refund of the AD ticket is the full amount, including the YR fee;
• All tickets issued on SATA Azores Airlines in North America are charged a TSF of $20 (cash payments) and $35 (other forms of payment), regardless of the route.

* Trips between Portugal and Cape Verde: TSF corresponding to Intra-European trips is considered;
** Trips between North America and Cape Verde: TSF corresponding to Intercontinental trips is considered.


RE-ISSUANCE FEES (SATA sales channels)
Trips entirely within the Azores (inter-islands)FreeExceptions:

- ADs;

- Involuntary Changes;

- In North America, SATA Azores Airlines always charges $35 per reissue, regardless of the route.
Trips between the Azores and Mainland Portugal/Madeira€6
Trips between Mainland Portugal and Madeira€6
Trips in Europe€25
Intercontinental trips€37
SP/S4 faresPenalties stipulated in the respective regulation apply.

   • The fee is charged upon reissue of the ticket as CP. In case of %, the values should be rounded up to the next euro.


 Sales Offices and Counters / Call Center / Travel Agents (1A / 1S/1G)Web
Standard Pre-Seat (OW)                                                            SIMPLE/BASIC fares
Domestic€7 / USD8 / CAD11 / £7€5 / USD6 / CAD8 / £5
Europe/Africa€14 / USD15 / CAD21 / £13€10 / USD12 / CAD15 / £10
USA/Canada/Bermuda€30 / USD32 / CAD44 / £26€25 / USD30 / CAD35 / £21
Pre-Seat Comfort (OW)                                                            SIMPLE/BASIC/FLEX fares
Domestic€20 / USD24 / CAD30 / £18€15 / USD18 / CAD23 / £13
Europe/Africa€30 / USD35 / CAD45 / £26€25 / USD30 / CAD38 / £22
USA/Canada/Bermuda€60 / USD70 / CAD90 / £53€50 / USD60 / CAD75 / £44


• Pre-seat is charged per leg/flight, using EMD-A;
• Pre-seat is free of charge for Baby Basket (BSCT), Extra Seat (EXST), Cabin Baggage (CBBG), Unaccompanied Minor (UMNR), and on TOP, LIGHT, and PLUS fares on flights operated by Azores Airlines;
• On travel with ADs, the pre-seat will be at the beneficiary's expense;
• Seats are free of charge when booked at check-in (available 48 hours before the flight);
• Pre-seat is only available on Azores Airlines flights, except on routes PDLFNC (v.v.) operated by SATA Air Açores;
• Pre-seat EMD is only refundable (through BSP Link)/reusable in involuntary cases.


USA/Canada/Bermuda€265 / USD315 / CAD395
USA (OAK-TER)€330 / USD390
USA (OAK-LIS)€380/USD450
 Sales Offices and Counters Call Center / Travel Agents / Web 
(free of charge from 0 to 3 years)
(free of charge from 0 to 2 years)
€30 / USD35€30 / USD35
(free of charge from 0 to 2 years)
€39 / USD45€39 / USD45
BDA-Lounges Primeclass
(free of charge from 0 to 2 years)
€35 / USD39€35 / USD39
FRA- Frankfurt Intl
(free of charge from 0 to 2 years)
BCN- Barcelona
(free of charge from 0 to 2 years)
(free of charge from 0 to 3 years)
(free of charge from 0 to 2 years)
€25 / USD30€25 / USD30
(free of charge from 0 to 2 years)
€34 / USD40€34 / USD40
BDA-Lounges Primeclass
(free of charge from 0 to 2 years)
€30 / USD34€30 / USD34
FRA- Frankfurt Intl
(free of charge from 0 to 2 years)
BCN- Barcelona
(free of charge from 0 to 2 years)
LIS/OPO/PDL Airport€8€7
BCN Airport€10€9
Sales Offices and Counters / Call Center / Web
Domestic SP (per each 5 kg)€15 / USD18 / CAD23 / £13
Domestic (per volume until 23 kg)€35 / USD38 / CAD52 / £30
Europe (per volume until 23 kg)€45 / USD49 / CAD67 / £39
USA/Canada/Bermuda (per volume until 23 kg)€80 / USD95 / CAD120 / £70
EXCESS BAGGAGE (at the airports)
 Per extra volume until 23 kgOverweight (piece) until 32 kg
Europe and Africa€60€70
USA/Canada/Bermuda€100 / USD120 / CAD169€130 / USD160 / CAD190


• Last-Minute Upgrade, Lounge and Fast Track are only available on flights operated by Azores Airlines;
• For AD travel, Lounge and Fast Track services are at the recipient's expense;
• The Last-Minute Upgrade applies to any purchased fare, except AD, SATA IMAGINE and SATA4AGENTS award tickets. The Last-Minute Upgrade can only be purchased at the airport, from 2h until 1h15 before boarding;
• Lounge (LOUG) and Fast Track (FAST) are charged by EMD-A, until flight closes;
• Voluntary changes are allowed to the Lounge (LOUG) and Fast Track (FAST) services, as long as they keep the original route, associating the EMD with the new flight (refunds not permitted);
• The Lounge (LOUG) and Fast Track (FAST) EMDs are only refundable (via BSP Link)/reusable in involuntary cases;
• Fast Track and Lounge services are not available for sale on Economy brands departing from Funchal, Oakland and Toronto, and are only available to passengers who are entitled to them due to their purchased fare or frequent flyer status;
• Access to the Barcelona Airport Lounge is available upon presentation of a voucher, which must be picked up at the check-in desk;
• Fast Track Schedule: Lisbon: 05:00 AM – 11:00 PM Porto: 04:00 AM – 11:00 PM Ponta Delgada: 05:00 AM – 00:00 AM;
• Lounge opening hours: Lisbon from 06:00 AM, Porto from 04:00 AM, Funchal from 06:00 AM to 09:00 PM and Barcelona from 06:00 AM to 10:00 PM;
• Access here the maximum length of stay in the Lounges;
• Pre-paid Baggage can only be purchased up to a maximum of 48 hours before the flight; Not applicable for flights with Code-Share, Interline, Charter S4 flights, for travel to/from Africa and after 01 August 22 from LIS/TER to OAK;
• Changes to bookings with pre-paid baggage are allowed, provided that the original route is kept. In this regard, and whenever you do so, you must contact SATA Azores Airlines so that the service may be associated with the new flight;
• The Pre-paid Baggage amounts listed in the table are applied according to the country of origin of the trip. If the country in which the payment is made is not the same as the country of origin of the trip, the amount to be paid will be the one corresponding to the exchange rate of the day;
• In case of extra piece with overweight (over 23 kg and under 32 kg), the sum of the two fees will be charged;
• Volumes above 32 kg can only be accepted for transportation as cargo, except AVIH and Musical instruments that can go up to a limit of 45 kg.


SATA AIR AÇORES€50 per cylinder
AZORES AIRLINES€100 per cylinder

   • The oxygen amount is paid through EMD-A.


6 x YOW-SP
Collected as Q (Queue Surcharge) in the fare calculation and added to the fare.

Flights operated by S4:
  Example: PDL-LIS class O (TOP) booking with stretcher (6 x YOWTOP + 1 x OTOP)
    PDL S4 LIS Q1896.00 75.00 S4 EUR1971.00END

The ticket designator SZ must be in the ticket mask after the RBD.

  Example: PDL S4124 O 04FEB13h40 HK OTOP SZ 2PC

Flights operated by SP:
It is charged 6x the normal economy fare of Y (OW) SP.
Extra seat (EXST)Applicable Fare*The EXST service is charged as Q (Queue Surcharge) on the same ticket as the passenger, according to the concept of "Fare Applicable to the same journey, OW or RT" (exempting all taxes).

The passenger and the EXST must have the same surname. Do not use gender (MR/MRS) in the EXST;

Ex: Travel PDL-TER passenger is resident and pays EXST
PDL SP TER Q45.00 15.00EUR60.00END

Ticket designator EX must feature in the mask after RBD.

*Except the Azores Fare (K). The Normal Resident Fare (Y) must be applied.
Bagagem de Cabine (CBBG)Applicable Fare*The CBBG service is charged on a separate ticket for the passenger, according to the concept of "Fare Applicable to the same journey, OW or RT", with the respective fuel tax (YQ), and issue tax (if applicable), without the other airport taxes.

The passenger and the CBBG must have the same surname. Do not use gender (MR/MRS) in the CBBG;

The blocking of 2 seats (minimum) and introduction of the SR CBBG is mandatory;

Charge passenger and CBBG bookings separately;

Ticket designator CB must feature on the mask after RBD, removing baggage allowance.

*Except the Azores Fare (K). The Normal Resident Fare (Y) must be applied.
UM (Unaccompanied Minor)
Azores interisland flightsFreeOn SATA Azores Airlines, UM from 5 to 11 years old is allowed.

This service is mandatory for children traveling alone, or with a passenger under the age of 18, except when the parent is also a minor;

UMNR service is unavailable on S4 and TP code-share flights.

When requesting the UMNR service for flights operated by Azores Airlines, you must make an immediate seat booking, set as appropriate for this transport. When booking the seat, no pre-seat payment information is generated to ensure, in advance, the possibility of performing the service.

The UM fee is charged through EMD-A and is refundable / reusable. This fee is charged for each fare direction / component.

At check-in, these passengers can only be accepted upon presentation of the EMD of the already paid service.

As for siblings on at least one parent's side with duly attested parentage and traveling together, only one fee is charged. In the EMD Endorsements line, it should be posted that the fee is valid for all passengers.

Minors between the ages of 12 and 17, traveling unaccompanied by an adult, can also use the UM service when requested by their parents or legal guardian upon payment of the respective fee.
Domestic flights€40
Flights between Portugal and Europe€60
Flights between Cape Verde and Portugal/Europe€60
Flights between Portugal and USA/Canada€100 / $150
Flights between Cape Verde and USA/Canada€100 / $150

Notes on the UM Fee (UMNR) application:


• Traveling on mixed domestic/international flights (namely with transit numbering USA → TER → LIS), domestic minors and foreign minors with legal residence in Portugal, traveling alone or without one of their legal parents, must be accompanied by an authorization issued by the person exercising parental responsibility, as required by the Foreigners and Borders Service, as these flights, being transit flights, are considered international. More information can be found at

• UM over 3 months and under 5 years old (or over 5 years old when requested by parent or guardian) pay adult fare either in SP or S4, therefore no UM fare should be charged and will only be accepted when an Additional Assistant (ESHO) can be assigned. An SSR with the Airimp code ESHO and with the text ESCORT MINOR UM2, where 2 is the child's age, must be entered in the booking, and the Y Fare (OW) of Brand TOP will be charged on the child's ticket as Q (Queue Surcharge). This service, once confirmed, will have to be paid within 72h BD.

Example: Travel HOR-LIS, passenger is resident and pays for an additional one-way assistant.

     HOR S4 LIS Q335.00 134.00EUR469.00END


NOTE: The ESHO (Additional Assistant) service for unaccompanied children between the ages of 3 months and 5 years on Azores Airlines international flights (North America/Africa and Europe) is suspended.


Note: When issuing in the USA/Canada, the amounts are always charged in the respective currency regardless of the route, and according to the exchange rate in effect, except for the already predefined in $.